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Texas A&M Feature 12th Man to Stall Auburn

The 12th man showed up Saturday in College Station. Texas A&M made it a challenging game for the Auburn Tigers, winning 27-10.

Robby Ashford started the game off, but Auburn began to rotate Quarterbacks throughout the game. The Auburn Tigers didn’t see much success in the air as  Ashford was 1 for 4, Payton Thorne was 6 for 12, and to finish the game, Holden Geriner went 2 for 7 through the air. Auburn was more successful on the ground, as they had 144 yards. As a whole, things were not clicking for them.

Despite Connor Weigman having a leg injury in the first half, Max Johnson came in and stepped up to the occasion. Johnson came in and threaded the needle on Auburn’s defense.

Even though Johnson had some great plays, Auburn’s Linebacker Eugene Asante capitalized on a fumble and returned it for a touchdown to make the score 20-10. This week’s film will be critical and beneficial as the Tigers try to identify more about their team as we enter the heavy-hitter games this season.

After tonight’s loss, the Tigers currently sit in fourth place within the SEC West and will return home to play the defending National Champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, on Saturday at 3:30.

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