Stockbridge Takes Out Union Grove 42-9

Marquez Ezzard

The rain brought about a damper for senior night, but the festivities continued as the night of lasts were symbolic of the high school experience coming to a close to allow the beginning of careers. The real world lurks around the corner, but tonight it was just another high school game in the jungle with the most entertaining announcer in the game.

Symbolic of a wet night the opening kickoff was dropped by Union Grove, but they stayed on top of it. The mighty tigers scored on their first snap QB Deveone Quinn ran the read option out of the I formation pulled it back and went 65 yards for the touchdown. Just like that, the jungle was rocking.

Their second snap resulted in Marquez Ezzard catching a 40-yard bomb down to the five-yard line. The third snap was another touchdown for Quinn. Union Grove found themselves in the midst of a quandary unable to move the ball and no way to get out of the backfield because the Stockbridge defensive line was eating them alive. Their first two drives were three-n-outs.

The third score came on a perfectly executed read-option by Quinn. He held the ball to the last second to allow the defenders to commit then he pitched it out to the running back WillieThorton who found himself in the end zone untouched. All he had to do was make sure he caught the ball the green sea was wide open.  Suddenly the score was 21-0 with 5:11 remaining in the first quarter. The stage was set for Union Grove to have a long and painful night.

The Tigers defense had moved in with the Union Grove backfield; each possession started on their side of the fifty-yard line. The highlight of the first quarter was a sack by Keven Goodrum to prevent a fourth down conversion. They finally crossed the fifty-yard line at the 1:21 mark in the first quarter. It was also their first, first down conversion of the game.

To start the second quarter, the Wolverines nullified that rush by running a stop and go with a pump fake by the QB. The overly aggressive defender’s bit and Winston Reese ran his route to perfection catching the 40-yard pass to put them in scoring position.

QB Michael Reese took it in from there for their first score of the night. Then, it was time for big boy football time Quinn reared back and threw it as far as he could Marquez Ezzard turned on the jets and ran under it for a 65-yard touchdown. The FSU commit is an exceptional talent after he catches the ball, he appears to know only one direction toward the end zone. The score was 28-6 with 9:52 remaining in the second quarter.  The Wolverines managed to cross the fifty-yard line again but the drive stalled and the ball went over on downs.

The next Stockbridge score came on a rather odd looking play BJ Riley literally took the ball from the quarterback as he tried to pull it out of his gut to complete the fake. He clamped down on it and burst through the middle of the line right up to the gut for a 45-yard touchdown. There was nothing special about the play he just ran to daylight. All of a sudden the score was 35-6 with 2:45 left in the second quarter.

Union Grove could not get much of anything going, so they turned the ball over on downs again. Just before the intermission, they dropped another bomb this one a high arching throw down the right sideline to Isiah Taylor for another touchdown the score was 42-6 at the half.

The game was over, so the Stockbridge Head Coach Kevin Riley pulled the starters for the second half to allow some of the underclassmen and inexperienced players to have some fun. Marquez Ezzard had an astonish per catch average of 53 yards on to catches for 106 yards. Deveone Quinn threw for 106 yards and ran for another 65 yards and contributed 2 touchdowns.

Stockbridge kept their record unblemished (10-0) on the season by taking out Union Grove 42-9.


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