Tech Beats Faulkner in Second Exhibition Match

Moses Wright

By Rebecca Washney

ATLANTA—Moses Wright and Jose Alvarado stepped up to lead Georgia Tech to victory on Thursday night as they took on the Faulkner Eagles in the second exhibition match.

Freshmen Moses Wright and Jose Alvarado helped Georgia Tech pull off the 78-60 win at McCamish Pavilion, racking up a total of 30 points between them. Wright and Alvarado played 59 minutes of the available 200 minutes combined in the hope of getting some much-needed experience before the regular season starts.

Moses Wright, a 6-foot-9 freshman forward, led the team in points with a total of 17 points. Wright played 30 of the available 200 minutes.

“I think Moses has done a great job,” Ben Lammers, one of Tech’s only seniors, said. “He’s one of those guys; he just needs to learn if he plays as hard as he did this game he will be very hard to guard. He lives or dies by energy, and he needs to learn to be able to bring that to every single game.”

Alvarado, a 6-foot freshman guard, showed off his talent during his 29 minutes of play with 13 points, eight rebounds, six assists and only one turnover.

“He’s obviously a very hardworking, high energetic guy,” Lammers said. “He’s one of those guys who if you’re being guarded by him you kinda dread it. Just cause he’s so active, constantly in your face, constantly everywhere which makes him very dangerous on the defensive end.”

In the wake of Josh Okogie and Tadric Jackson’s indefinite benching after an NCAA rules violation, Pastner plans on relying more on experienced players like Lammers to keep the team moving forward. Pastner, who coached the team to an 8-10 record last season and finished 11th in the ACC, knows that this year will be even more of a struggle with so many fresh faces on the team.

“We’re young. To win in this league you got to get old and stay old, and we’re young right now,” Pastner said. “We’re a little more talented this year but we’re just not as old, we’re just inexperienced. Guys are just gonna have to get better.”

Georgia Tech will travel to Shanghai, China to start off the regular season, playing UCLA on Friday, Nov.11.


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