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Georgia Bulldogs

The Georgia Bulldogs started the game gutsy going for the sneak attack better known as an onside kick. It was one of those hero or goat moves. It failed giving South Carolina possession at the 50-yard line. The defense covered their head coach by stalling the drive and forcing an unsuccessful field goal attempt. That was Nick Sabin’ish, but let’s stop the comparison right there this is Kirby Smart standing on his own accomplishment the #1 ranking in college football.

The Bulldogs opening drive started with a deep shot by Jake from State Fromm and a counter reverse to the wideout going mix direction. Fromm was simply surgical moving the team down to the red zone. He fired a bullet to Terry Godwin on a slant, but the ball was knocked out by Steven Montac on a great defensive effort to prevent the touchdown.

The Gamecocks took over at their own 5-yard line; again, the Bulldogs defense came to the rescue they forced a three n out. We could see why Kirby looks so smart he has the ultimate confidence in his defense. They had his back.

The offense impressed putting together an 11 play 69-yard drive that consumed 5:30. Fromm came from under center, went in motion to assume the position of a wide receiver. He looked great in his pose, but everybody in the stadium knew it was just that, a photo opportunity. The direct snap went to Sony Michel from the wildcat position. He started up the middle the drain was clogged, so he skipped outside to find an open lane, Fromm got in the way of the defender and escorted him in the end zone.

Georgia might have the most famous freshman QB in the land because he was born to be the face of the State Fromm advertising campaign. South Carolina features its own 19-year-old star in the making Jake the Bentley born in a football family his father is on the coaching staff. The Gamecocks Jake led his team into the end zone to tie the score at 7-7. They needed a little help from the eye in the sky. It was a perfectly executed back shoulder throw from QB to receiver Bryan Edwards who caught the ball diving out of bounds at the sideline. After further review, the 12-yard touchdown was awarded.  The drive featured two back to back third-n-long conversions by the mentally tough freshman QB of the Gamecocks.

Not to be outdone the Bulldogs needed some further review of a toe in catch by Javon Wims in the end zone, again, the touchdown was awarded. The 10-yard reception capped off a 10 play 75-yard drive.

The first half featured back to back reviews for touchdowns and questionable play calling by the South Carolina offense at the end of the half. They ran on first down as if though they were going to play it safe and allow the clock to run out. Then they started throwing the ball. The drive ended on an interception by JR Reed. It was indecisive at best. They could not decide what to do, run out the clock or take a shot, either way, Georgia lead 14-7 at intermission.

Georgia emerged from the dressing room with the same aggression. They started the third quarter marching 10 plays and 75 yards for a touchdown. Mecole Hardman parroetted at the end of the 20-yard route to come down with the touchdown that came right over the defender’s outstretched arms.

Carolinas drive stalled, but then it was gambler time for Will Muschamp. He called a fake punt that gave them a first down on the defensive holding penalty. They were able to finish the third quarter with a field goal.

The fourth quarter started with Gut Check mode for Georgia at the 14:08 mark. They were up by eleven points 21-10. A touchdown could put it out of reach making it a three-possession game. It was like a heavyweight fight. The worn out Carolina defense played all out with their hands on their hips, taking deep breaths, and flapping their wings. They did everything they could to prevent them DAWGS from scoring. However, they had fresh legs on the best one, two punch in college football Sony Michel and Nick Chubb.

Sony Michel

Michel converted a third-n-seven by shaking the defender in the hole and breaking it outside. Chubb displayed a burst and acceleration that showed the NFL he was healthy, ready and coming as a high draft pick. The Gamecocks defense did an amazing job to force a field goal.

They preserved a glimmer of hope, but the offense could not convert giving Georgia the ball with 4:52 remaining. It was a grind it out drive, Carolina forced a fourth-n-four, Georgia thought about going for it but called a timeout to cool their heels. It made sense the Gamecocks found themselves in a deep hole with 2:33 on the clock with first down from the 20-yard line facing eighty yards of green grass.

Jake Bentley played masterfully on third down but pressed with his back against the clock.  Defensive Back Malkom Parrish stepped in front of an out pass intercepting the ball to ensure the 24-10 victory over a solid South Carolina team. Stamp Georgia #1

Interesting facts about the game:

Georgia produced a total of 438 yards. Fromm threw for 196 yards completing 16 of 22 passes for two touchdowns.  The running combo contributed as well Sony Michel ran for 81 yards on 16 carries, and Nick Chubb ran for 102 yards on 20 carries. Both had the same 5.1 average per carry. Georgia had 75 plays to South Carolina’s 53 and converted on 4-5 times in the red zone. Give a nod of appreciation to the Gamecocks future star QB Jake Bentley who played lights out contributing 227 yards passing. He completed 21-35 attempts with one touchdown and two interceptions. Carolina could only muster 43 total yards rushing. That was the key head to head stat of the game the Bulldogs had 248 rushing yards.

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All photo’s courtsey the DARK KNIGHT

Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Bulldogs

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