Auburn Tigers

Auburn Plays Trap Game

Auburn Plays Trap Game

After a stellar performance in the Chic Fil A Kickoff Game vs. Washington, a top 10 contender Auburn played a trap game against Alabama State, a lesser opponent from the FCS Division before LSU. Mentally it appeared as if they were playing under a fog their first drive went 3 and out. It was ugly early they had a dropped ball, a fumble and gave up a 51 yards pass play to Dieu Aristilde.

It has to be challenging to get up for a tune-up game you are supposed to dominate by simply touching the grass. Should you ask the players, they are going to say they prepared for this game just as they would any other truthfully it’s not as significant thus creating a trap.

The fog dissipated on the second drive and they surgically matriculated down the field to score on a 10 play 74-yard drive, Jarrett Stidham ran around the left end for six yards untouched. Then the fireworks started on a 57 yards bomb from Stidham to A Swartz. I went to the restroom and all of a sudden the score was 21-0. On display was just a superior level of talent.

Key Stat: At the 9:53 mark of the second quarter Alabama State had run 23-28 plays Auburn had a 28 point lead.

The highlight of the first half for ASU was a 69-yard punt by Anthony Craven that put Auburn at the 5-yard line. Coach Malzhan let off the gas replacing Jarret Stidham with Malik Willis, the backup quarterback. Alabama State made the most out of the field position which resulted in a safety to make the score 42-2 at the half.

These type of games may not be significant to the big dogs, but to these teams from smaller conferences, they are. It usually ends in a lopsided score for NFL Scouts get to see a potential diamond in the ruff go head to head with other NFL prospects.

Alabama State got a glimmer of hope on a botched punt Griffin King at the 16-yard line. After a couple of overpowering plays that resulted in a loss of yardage, KhaDarr Davis hit Joe Davis with a beautiful 29 yard leaping touchdown pass to make the score 49-9.

The rest of the game served as valuable in-game experience for younger players.

The final score was 63-9. The mauling was expected. Alabama State earned their financial support and got a true measure of SEC football in their first-ever meeting on the gridiron in front of 84,806 Jordan Hare Stadium. Therefore, both institutions of higher learning are winners that’s the beauty of college football.

Next up for Auburn is LSU with the start of SEC play better buckle your chin straps

Interesting Facts of the game

Auburn                                         Alabama State

Rushing  429 yards                        47 yards

Time of possession 29:24              30:21


Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham participated in the 2019 State Farm Football Challenge
Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham celebrates a good play. Photo by Dennis Morton Jr.

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