Yellow Jackets Put the Bulldogs in Rain Delay

A monsoon came through in Atlanta. Today’s game in Bobby Dodd’s Stadium started with a two-hour rain delay, but that didn’t stop the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as they took the win 48-13. Georgia Tech came hot out of the gate, with Kyle Kennard getting an interception on the second play of the game, setting up a great field for the Yellow Jackets’ offense, who scored on their first play. Jamal Haynes had a four-yard rushing touchdown.

Haynes King kept the momentum going with a three-yard pass to Dominick Blaylock for a touchdown, making it 14-0. As the game went on, Haynes King settled in and aired it out to Eric Singleton Jr. for a 40-yard touchdown. South Carolina State Bulldogs didn’t back down, though; toward the end of the second quarter, the Bulldogs switched the game plan a little from the wing-t/triple-option offense. The Bulldogs started making plays in the air. The switch before halftime helped lead them to a touchdown by Kacy Fields.

The second half opened up for the Yellow Jackets as Trey Cooley had an explosive 55 yard touchdown. Following this touchdown, Kyke Kennard had a forced fumble, leading to Trey Cooley returned to the endzone again for a 15-yard touchdown. The play calling opened everything up well, and the juices were flowing for this offense.

Photo Credit: William Curtis Action Sports and News

When asked about what you do to help your team during the rain delay, Head Coach Brent Key says, “We keep them engaged. Keep the energy up and refuel. We turn the music up and have them stay loose”. One has to love this mindset, as this is every player’s dream for a coach to have them stay. In their game-day mindset, their coach matches their energy on game-day.

Brent Key also harped on execution being the main focus for today’s game. The Yellow Jackets pinpointed this as their focus to improve, as it showed on the field with two turnovers and several big plays over 50 yards. The team’s focus was at an all-time high. Not looking at the score at halftime, no matter who the opponent is, is the mindset of Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets have a standard and know how they want to play.

This offense put up superb numbers this afternoon with a total of 578 yards of offense, 310 of that being through the air and the other 268 on the ground. Haynes King got loose and let the ball rip for 290 yards. We can’t forget about the big-time Running Back Jamal Haynes carrying the ball with some force. Jamal had nine carries for 113 yards; talk about a work day.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets travel to Mississippi to play the Ole Miss Rebels at 7:30 p.m.. This will be a big-time match-up for Georgia Tech during prime-time football. You’ll want to watch this game for the excitement.

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