Yellow Jackets Enjoy Christmas Early in Miami

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat the odds Saturday night. They showed that you should keep playing until the last whistle. The Miami Hurricanes continued to run the ball within the last minute of the game, and because of this it resulted in a shocking fumble, which was recovered by Myles Sims. Georgia Tech did the unthinkable and capitalized off of the fumble. Haynes King hit Christian Leary for a 44-yard touchdown with two seconds left on the clock. Georgia Tech ended up winning the game 23-20. The Yellow Jackets were tested throughout this game offensively. King threw two interceptions but never let the pressure get to him. Once King started using his legs, things began to open up for the offense. When Haynes uses his mobility, it makes it hard for defenses to compete with them. We can’t forget about the heavy hitter Running Back Jamal Haynes. Jamal powered his way down into redzone territory before the last scoring drive of the game. And to finish it off Jamal kept the legs moving and forced his way into the endzone. Defensively, the defense showed up and rose to the occasion. Forcing the fumble at the end of the game and two key interceptions throughout it. One interception was a redzone stand against the Hurricanes. Then at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Van Dyke made a mistake and threw it straight to enemy territory causing the second interception. If you want to talk about an important game for this season, then it would be this one for Georgia Tech. After losing close games at the beginning, this is definitely the game that this team needed to build off of going into their bye week. When the Yellow Jackets look at where they are within the division they can still make something shake.

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