Will Supermax Offer Be Enough to Keep Kawhi In San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard

Will Supermax Offer Be Enough to Keep Kawhi In San Antonio

One of the biggest storylines of this NBA season is going to be Kawhi Leonard’s decision for his future. Leonard only appeared in nine games this season and did not attend any of the Spurs playoffs game. This particular situation had the Spurs organization looking very out of character.

Despite the events that have transpired because if this situation, the Spurs are looking to mend some ties with the former NBA finals MVP. According to San Antonio Express-News’ Tom Osborn, the Spurs do want to meet with Leonard in hopes to get their problems resolved by offering Leonard on a five-year, $219 million supermax contract that he will be eligible to receive starting July 1.

There have been many questions surrounding Leonard’s health this season. Team doctors felt that Leonard was able to play, but Leonard did not feel comfortable and healthy enough to play. Many speculations started to float around, concerning the legitimacy of Leonard’s claim.

With the Spurs reportedly prepared to offer him a supermax, will it be enough to keep Leonard in San Antonio?

It could be if Leonard felt that he was hurt and wants to continue being a Spur, but if there was something else at play; it will possibly take some roster changes by the Spurs to keep Leonard.

Everyone wants to compete for an NBA championship, and with the changing NBA landscape, an organization may have to get as close to a super team as possible to compete for a championship. The Spurs know this, and so does Kawhi.

The Spurs are moving a bit slower to acquire anything that even resembles an All-Star team. This could be in large part due to the fact they have always won with a group of players that knew their roles.

It will be interesting to see if Kawhi will stay with the Spurs.


By: Justin Smith

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