Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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30 of 36 passes, 356 yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions with 145 passer rating…that’s a stat line that wins games. I can hear it already, and I know how dare Matt pad his stats in a time where his team is in disarray! Wake up Falcons family! Ryan isn’t, hasn’t and won’t be the problem. I’m just going to touch on a few things associated with our Matty Ice, coordinating, longevity and character. 

If you have been following the falcons for some time, we could have assumed Ryan would have more turnovers this year under Koetter’s offense. Now some of those turnovers were miscues by receivers, but regardless Ryan threw 14 picks in 2012 (Koetters’ 1st year as OC), and we went to the NFC championship game. It was clear in Arizona on Sunday that our offense is starting to fire on all cylinders. Koetter was given the keys to a Ferrari, let him learn to drive, It took Shanahans’ first year to gel, and Sarkesian had many miscues in year one as well. It’s been SIX games, and Koetter is putting it all together scheming wonderfully, go back and watch the game, you’ll see!

I can only assume you’re back from rewatching the game; now, we can continue.

Matt Ryan is an elite quarterback. Yes, he’s grabbed a couple of records, milestones, and statistics over the years, but you’ll miss him when he’s gone. Truthfully he’s been taking a beating the last few seasons; he has only had a top defense 3 times. Ryan has missed only 2 games (2009) in his career. We have been very fortunate to have him. Matt likely has 5 years of prime football in the tank, and he has arguably the most talented group of weapons he’s ever had! Ryan’s wisdom in the huddle complimented by talented youth and other Veterans (Ridley, Hooper, Lindstrom, McGary, and our running back stable) (Julio, Mack, Matthews), respectively is the best in the business.

Ryan has been a model of consistency, accountability, and leadership. He shows his emotions (a lot of you guys care about that) I see some fans get annoyed by his lack of emotions, but what I think they fail to see is Ryan is confident, he believes in what’s going on behind closed doors. He shows his frustrations in real-time on the sidelines, in the moment, but as a competitor, it’s about adapting and overcoming and getting back to work! As a little side note in these 6 games and most of Matt’s career he’s done this with little run game support, which is usually the key component to a QBs struggle; your perimeter guys don’t matter much with a struggling offensive line and no run game. Ryan has 300+ yards every game this season. Appreciate that, man!

Listen, misery loves company. I understand it’s a tough time right now in the organization, but there are many positives to hang your hat on. Matt Ryan happens to be one of them. Ryan is worth his weight in gold and famously echoed throughout the internet world, “That’s my quarterback!”

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  1. That’s my quarterback!
    Matt is just about the only one playing to win. I love my Falcons, but you guys need to get it together and play as a TEAM.

    I do love you all

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