Tray Matthews Displays New T-Model at Senior Bowl

Tray Mathews

Tray Matthews Displays New T-Model at Senior Bowl

After a rocky start to his career, the Auburn star safety has taken control of the steering wheel to his life and firmly placed the car between the lines. When we asked how he started his career at Georgia and ended up at Auburn? He said, “did a little something at Georgia in my freshman year. I was an 18-year-old kid, a grown man now, 22-23 years old, transferring to Auburn, was one of the  best things that ever happened to me, it humbled me, got me back on track, I never take anything for granted, life has been amazing.”

Matthews and three other players caught a charge, as the boys would say, for allegedly cashing financial-aid checks twice it was a misdemeanor that got worked out. Then an issue with a professor and that was all she wrote in Georgia.

Unfortunate circumstances, but it was only a close to a brief chapter. The complete book is yet to be written the following pages will be coming hot off the press from this mature young man. He has decided to trade in the old car for a recreated T-Model or shall I say the Tray-Model. He has earned not just his bachelors, a masters’ degree in Education as well. He blossomed at Auburn with no other issues.


As a Redshirt Junior, he led the team in tackles and started every game. He finished his career with 180 tackles and 5 career interceptions. He became the leader of the secondary playing both safety positions and coming down in the box to play a little linebacker, whatever the team needed he was willing.

Matthews was on the preseason Senior Bowl watch list and accepted his invitation to Mobile, Alabama. He is here this week with lofty goals of displaying his talents for the NFL Scouts      “I just want to show my versatility, I can play the middle of the field, I can come down in the slot, and guard your tight ends, I can come down in the box; I just want to prove that I can do it all.”

When I asked if you had to change anything about your college career what would you change he stepped up to the plate and held himself accountable “I wouldn’t change a bit, everything happens for a reason, you know, if something bad happens it was a lesson.”  Moreover, the best lessons learned are those that occur in the midst of adversity.

In a recent interview with GM, John Dorsey of the Cleveland Browns was about  Baker Mayfield; the current Heisman Trophy winner who was arrested last summer for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and fleeing and resisting arrest, Dorsey defended him.

“Are there character concerns about him? “You guys create a narrative that you try to portray him as one.”

“Every young man will make a mistake in his life; I bet you,” he said. “And I think he’s very remorseful for that mistake, and I think he’s moved forward from that, and he’s trying to make himself a better person, going through the process.”

I personally appreciate that response and like the answer to my last request to tell scouts and GM’s exactly what they will be getting with Tray Mathews “

He said, “a guy that loves football, a guy that’s passionate about it, a guy that’s a vocal leader but also, will show you through my actions, what you are gonna get, a guy that’s going to do his thing and lead the team.”

The 2018 Senior Bowl is Saturday at 1:30

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