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To Play or Not to Play, Falcons Ready for Flight

Grady Jarrett and Marlon Davidson share a smile at camp #falcons, #nfl

For athletes, is it work or not to work. Football players play football; it’s what they do. Doctors perform surgery and truck drivers drive; it’s their norm. The pandemic, better known as Covid-19, crippled the economy, bringing normalcy in our lives to a standstill. The clock kept ticking, and the calendar moved on. Some college football conferences have decided not to play.

In my lifetime, I have never seen a fall season without college football. As much as I love my sports, I haven’t been to a sports bar since March anyone who knows me knows my life is in a press box or a sports bar enjoying the atmosphere of big-screen televisions and rubbing elbows with loyal fans the ones that can’t afford the season tickets or the lower level seats and tailgating. It gives me a unique view and makes me value my privilege as a sports editor.

The clock kept ticking, and the calendar moved forward now the anticipation of NFL football is at an all-time high. The Falcons are on the field; we can hear the whistles blow. The ball is in the air I don’t want to think of a fall without the Atlanta Falcons.

After a Jeckle and Hyde season in 2019, Dan Quinn returns to a warm seat. Should things go awry with this talented team featuring former league MVP Matt Ryans and perennial pro-bowler Julio Jones considered by many to be the best wide receiver in the NFL? Together they are one of the deadliest combinations in football. Let’s not forget his sidekick out of Alabama Calvin Ridley, who is primed for a breakout season.

To complete the big 4, welcome home Todd Gurley the outstanding running back from the University of Georgia as homegrown as you can get with something to prove. Remember those two #1 draft picks on the offensive line last season Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary. The offense is ready to take flight.

The Defense is ready to groundem With the return of first time pro-bowler Grady Jarrett, the acquisition of Deonta Fowler and #1 draft pick, 16th overall, defensive back A J Terrell out of Clemson, the Defense should be a force to reckon. Side note keep your eyes on the second-round pick 47th overall defensive tackle, Marlon Davidson, out of Auburn, whom I think is the best pick of the draft. He played on the other side of All American Derek Brown. In my opinion, he got a bit overshadowed. I have seen him up close, and personal covering Auburn Football take my word for it. He is special. I foresee the same thing as Grady Jarrett, a diamond in the rough what a pick by Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn.

No fans in the stand, but we should be grateful for what we get a SuperBowl caliber team in Atlanta.

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