The Curious Case of Vic Beasley

Which side are you on? Victor Ramon Beasley is certainly a polarizing figure in Atlanta. The 5th year pro hails from Adairsville GA. He was selected with the 8th overall pick in 2015 draft. As soon as it was announced that he was on the Falcons radar for the draft, the opinions started. I for one was skeptical on the move. The Falcons were in the market for a defensive end. At 235lb many including myself thought Beasley would be a liability on the run game.

               Fast forward to the 2016 season where Vic exploded with 15.5 sacks or did, he. The infamous week 5 game against the Broncos where Beasley exploded for 3.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. There was also a game against the Rams that year where he tallied 3 sacks as well. Numbers are funny though because out of the 15.5 sacks that year, only 1 came against a division opponent.  The 2017-2018 seasons only totaled 10.5 sacks total for Beasley a far drop off from 15.5 in a single year. In all fairness in 2017 due to injury, Beasley played more of an OLB role. We saw him cover backs out of the backfield and drop into the flats several times and not rush the passer as much as his previous 2 seasons. To be honest, he did a decent job at it, but that’s not why he was brought here.

               This offseason the Falcons exercised a team option for his contract which increased his salary to 12.8 million dollars. Fans were in a frenzy. Many were upset that Beasley was still a Falcon. Other’s felt Beasley had earned his money, and his criticism was unjust. I felt we could keep Beasley but on a restructured deal that would be much more cap friendly than his current 12.8-million-dollar salary. It seems as if Dan Quinn and staff are limiting Beasley’s snaps in run situations and using him primarily as a pass rusher this season. Can the team afford to pay a guy nearly 13 million dollars to rush the passer? If so, he needs to be elite in doing so. We won’t solely measure Beasley’s production in sacks, but he needs to impact games enough to justify the salary. All players do, not limited to Vic Beasley.

               This is a pivotal season for Beasley. He is facing free agency next year. For the Falcons to offer a lengthy contract, he will have to have a stellar season. If Beasley goes to another team how much he signs for and which role he plays will be very interesting to watch. For now, number 44 is a Falcon, and we need his speed and athleticism on the field. We just need that speed and athleticism to equal plays made to the tune of 12.8-million.

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