Texas Follows Mascot’s Lead Trample Dawgs

Bevo at 2019 Sugar Bowl

Texas Follows Mascot’s Lead Trample the Dawgs
In boxing, they say everybody has a game plan until you hit them in the mouth. The Texas Longhorns game plan was just that. They hit Georgia squarely in the mouth scoring on the opening drive 10 plays for 75 yards. It wasn’t that they scored it was how they scored. Sam Ehlinger took the snap and followed his massive offensive line into the end zone they slanted right and sealed off everything water couldn’t seep through any cracks as he walked in from 2 yards out.

The tone was set in the pregame during the mascot introductions Bevo tried to make UGA his snack. The Bulldog tucked his tail and ran away. The massive bull became agitated by his presence and lunged through a makeshift fence toward him to get a mouth full; perhaps it was the red vest. The team wore red jerseys and the Longhorn defense played with the same tenacity limiting Georgia to a total of 296 yards forcing two fumbles and suffocated the run game allowing 29 yards in the first half. They managed 108 rushing yards for the game which is terrible by Bulldog standards. They averaged 251 yards rushing per game. Elijah Holyfield did go over 1000 yards for the season joining his running mate DeAndre Swift. Both averaged more than 6 yards per attempt tonight they averaged 2.4 yards and as a team could only produce 108 yards.

The Bulldogs first drive abruptly ended when #92 Chris Nelson stuffed Holyfield in his tracks. A low snap on the punt caused the kicker’s knee to touch the ground. Texas took possession at the Georgia 27 yard line, but the Bulldogs were barking and biting mode not allowing them to move they settled for a 37-yard field goal. The Longhorns were on top 10-0.
A shanked punt out of bounds handed Texas great field possession at midfield. First a bad snap, then an ugly punt. Riley Ridley got hit dead in the hands but had no glue the ball went through. It went from bad to worst DeAndre Swift fumbled. Texas was making a living in Georgia Territory they had possession at the 12-yard line. Sam Ehlinger thrilled the crowd on a QB Scramble right up the gut for a 9-yard touchdown run. The dogs were stunned 17-0.
Georgia needed something positive it came when they converted on 3rd and 12. On the next play, Jake Fromm hit Brian Herrien for a 17-yard touchdown pass. It looked as if though they were waking up from the nightmare in progress. Ehlinger avoided a sack pulling a Houdini then Tre Watson lowered a shoulder on a Georgia defender and picked up 20 yards. That drive resulted in a 30-yard field goal by Cameron Dicker.

Georgia didn’t look like Georgia something was wrong or was it Texas was playing right. They dominated the first half 20-7. Frustration spilled over as time ran off the clock Tyler Simmons drew a penalty flag on a dead ball foul unnecessary roughness as the team exited the field. The result would carry negative energy into the second half the 15 yards would be administered.
They climbed out of that hole unscathed. Then a bigger problem #11 PJ Locke lll picked off a deep pass thrown by Jake Fromm. Collin Johnson the big body 6’6 220 Lbs. He used all of his frame to make a 35-yard catch to keep the drive alive. The Longhorns made it to the goal line the Bulldogs put of one helluva defensive stand forcing eight attempts before Sam Ehlinger broke through for the touchdown on fourth and inches. That drive that scenario summed up the game Texas wanted it more and they beat Georgia down with their strong will and absolute determination. The two-point conversion made the score 28-7.
Texas had more to play for they are trying to prove to the football world that they are back Georgia was playing in a consolation game. It’s obvious they were emotionally wounded after losing the SEC Championship game to Alabama, it’s no excuse face it Georgia, Texas beat you in every phase of the game. Their Mascot had your running for life.
The Bulldogs played with pride putting together a 6 play 67 yards scoring drive Fromm tossed a 3-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman to make it 28-14.
The sound of UGA, UGA, UGA continued to echo in the fourth quarter, but the wonderful fans couldn’t ignite any type of flame nor energy. Then the Longhorn fans shouted SEC, SEC; SEC as the scoreboard made a louder statement the Big 12 was winning 28-14.
Georgia put up another score in garbage or prevent time the 63rd Sugar Bowl was deservedly won by the Texas Longhorns 28-21. College Football world the Bevo and Texas is back.

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