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Atlanta Falcons win big 40-14

The road back to the Superbowl is a long winding difficult journey filled with up’s, downs, adversity, turmoil, and plain old fashion heartbreak, so let’s take it one step at a time.

The Atlanta Falcons brought their five-game skid to an end adding light to the tunnel in their last home game of the season. It was before a lot of empty seats, but that didn’t matter it was good just to get a win. In the worst of times sometimes you find the best ingredients for success. Character and chemistry are the intangibles you can’t see them but you know when you have them it’s that magic that keeps the foundation together.

Atlanta Falcons win big 40-14
Grady Jarrett celebrates with a teammate after sacking Arizona quarterback Josh Rosen (Photo by Greg Collier)

I think we have seen the best of the brotherhood no bickering and finger pointing during turbulence. I am looking beyond the 5-9 record this team has been decimated with injuries no excuses, but we have to accept facts.

Deion Jones returned from injury recently and made the most important play of the game a 41-yard interception for a touchdown that sparked the 40-14 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. At the time the Falcons were down by seven points from there the beatdown was on. They scored 40 consecutive points.

Speaking of beat down, rookie quarterback Josen Rosen was sacked seven times and pressured numerous; his head is still on a swivel looking for the next human missile with a number. He was rescued late in the game. Grady Jarrett dominated with two sacks and a forced fumble. His play was infections. Brian Poole contributed another most importantly the Falcons scored points of each turnover. The Cardinals had three first-half turnovers and a total of 118 yards while the Falcons racked up 252 total yards.

I know what you think it sounds good, but they were playing one of the worst teams in the NFL fact they did what they were supposed to do. Grady Jarrett said it best “tough going on the slide but a win is a win it feels good, and we definitely want to go out strong and control what’s in front of us.”

Julio Jones continued down his path towards the hall of fame eclipsing 1500 receiving yards for the third time in his career feats like that is getting his name mentioned along with all-time greats Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison. He contributed 6 catches for 82 yards none more beautiful than the diving 21-yard touchdown reception. Matt Ryan threw it where he was supposed to be, and he got there as he usually does.

There are a lot of good players in the NFL; sometimes he gets lost in the crowd because the Falcons are not always in the hunt like the Pittsburgh Steelers which showcase as what many calls the best receiver in football Antonio Brown. I take nothing from him, but the best I have ever seen with my eyes is Julio Jones.


Tevin Coleman turned in his career-best 11 carries for 145 yards that featured a 65-yard blast for a touchdown. The team was clicking on all cylinders I credit Dan Quinn father of the Brotherhood for keeping this boat above sea level. Sometimes playing through adversity builds the character for success. Paid attendance for the game was 72,084 for the life of me I don’t understand why one would pay but not play, but that’s another story.

Telvin Coleman runs around the end of the Arizona Cardinals defense (photo by: Greg Collier)

We all saw the empty seats perhaps that’s picturesque of the disappointment of the fans. They know what they have, but reality has to sink in any team that has so many key injuries will struggle. Falcons fans got a taste of eating from the Super Bowl and are hungry for another plate lets hop the Falcons Brass can keep the core of the team together for at least another year lets call this season the home team Super Bowl Jinks.

Next up for the Falcons are the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, NC













Photo by Greg Collier
Photo by Greg Collier
Photo by Greg Collier
Photo by Greg Collier
Photo by Greg Collier
Atlanta Falcons win big 40-14
Vic Beasley sacks Arizona Cardinals Rookie QB Josh Rosen on way to a 40-14 victory at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA December 16, 2018




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