The San Antonio Spurs clinched a playoff spot for the 21st consecutive season

By Justin Smith

The San Antonio Spurs clinched a playoff spot for the 21st consecutive season with a win over the Sacramento Kings 98-85 on Monday night.

Spurs head coach, Greg Popovich, kept it short and sweet when asked about how it felt to make the playoffs for 21 years straight. “It’s wonderful,” Popovich said.

San Antonio has had quite the run in the last 21 seasons. They have racked up a total of five NBA championships and had three different players to win the NBA Finals MVP award. They also have had two players to win the NBA MVP award, Tim Duncan and David Robinson.

Their success has been in large part due to their head coach, Greg Popovich. He has coached the Spurs for 22 consecutive seasons and only missed the playoffs once in his first season. Many regard Popovich as one of the greatest coaches of all time and he has the numbers to stand behind those claims.

Popovich had to show this once again this season once it was evident that the Spur’s star, Kawhi Leonard, was not coming back this season. He had to revamp the Spur’s attack and feature LaMarcus Aldridge as their star and enhance the role of young players like Dejounte Murray and Kyle Anderson. It also helped that veterans Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker were able to step up when called upon.

The Spurs will wrap up their season on Wednesday against the New Orleans Pelicans and see how things shake up in a very heated Western conference. If the Spurs want to capture ring number six, they must battle some tough odds, but this is a road that the Spur’s organization knows all too well.

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