Atlanta Falcons

Ritter Leave Fans With a Headache

The Atlanta Falcons fall short in a nail-biting match-up against the Washington Commanders. The Commanders pull out a road win against another NFC opponent, winning 24-16.

The Commanders devised a game plan this week against the Falcons, which worked. The Commanders wanted to limit how efficient the Falcons were in the run game and force them to pass more. Atlanta recorded a total of 296 yards passing. Rising star Bijan Robinson was gameplanned as he only had 37 yards for 13 carries. Bijan has been exciting this season, but it would seem that teams are starting to figure out what the Falcons like to do the most.

The Falcons were making strides throughout this game. Atlanta scored midway through the third quarter, and Head coach Arthur Smith chose to go for two at a chance to cut the lead down to six.

Head coach Arthur Smith says, “We did it last year against LA down 14 in the fourth quarter. Those are the consequences we live with. We believe we could have gotten it down to six. We did it in Tampa, down 14 late. If we get it, it’s a six-point game, and we had the penalty to help us get closer, but they stopped us”.

Due to the Commanders forcing the Falcons to throw it more, Desmond Ridder threw three crucial interceptions. One touchdown that may have shifted the game’s momentum would be the four-yard line interception. Ridder was looking for Drake London in the back of the endzone, but Benjamin St-Juste picked off Ridder. Then, for a chance at the end of the game to spark some hope, Ridder was looking for Robinson to continue a drive, but Jamin Davis picked off Ridder to seal the game.

Turnovers hurt the Falcons this game as it was a game that was for them to win. But there’s still a lot of optimism. This team showed us today that even if one area of the game plan is shut down, this team can make adjustments and shine in another. We saw that the Atlanta Falcons can beat teams in the air. Desmond Ridder used all his offensive weapons, hitting Jonnu Smith, Kyle Pitts, Mack Hollins, and Drake London.

There’s no reason to hit the panic button, but it can be seen as a way to improve and learn from this week’s mistakes.

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