Matt Ryan Falcons – Matt Out Matt in Same Results

Matt Schaub fills in for Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan Falcons Quarterback – Matt out Matt in Same Results

For the first time in 163 games dating back to December 13, 2009, the Atlanta Falcons took the field without the face of the franchise star quarterback Matt Ryan. Say what you will, that’s the fifth-longest streak by a quarterback in NFL history. Durability is important today due to an ankle injury; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was not available and was missed. Underappreciated at times, but don’t get it twisted, Matt Ryan Falcons quarterback is the oil in the engine that lubricates all of the moving parts.

Matt Ryan Falcons Quarterback Missed the First Game Since 2009

Without Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, the team’s first-half performance was as flat as a straight line on the heart monitor reading 24-0 in favor of the wrong birds. Face it the Seahawks were just too much, in the end, they swooped into Mercedes Benz stadium and sailed off with the victory 27-20.

What Others Said about Matt Ryan Falcons Quarterback Missing

Staging off embarrassment, the Falcons made it interesting shutting down the Seahawks offense to allow only three points in the second half, unfortunately, the hole was too deep to climb out.

Isiah Oliver said it best:

We feel like the plays we gave up in the first half were due to miscommunication. The two touchdowns, both of them, we just weren’t in the right spot at the right time and gave up a couple of touchdowns. In the second half, we just made it simpler. We knew what we were supposed to do, communicated about it, talked about it, and we were able to fix it in the second half. I mean, that’s something that you just can’t do. You can’t give up those kinds of points in one half of football and expect to be able to come back against a good team.

 As bad as it was, you have to respect their grit pridefully fighting back to earn a shot to steal the game after a successful 37-yard field goal by Matt Bryant that made the score 27-20 with 1:21 remaining. The desperation onside kick bounced too high and landed out of bounds.

Former two time Pro Bowler backup quarterback Matt Schaub made his first start since 2015. It took a bit to knock off the rust; however, its nice to have a player with his sixteen years of experience in waiting. He completed 39 of 52 passes for 460 yards, 1 touchdown with 1 interception, which was more than a worthy performance for a guy who has been sitting on the shelf. Perhaps a little dusty but managed to shine when called on.

Austin Hooper was impressed with Schaubs performance:

He has been doing this for 15-16 years. He’s just seen every single look enough times where he understands exactly, much like Matt Ryan, where the ball is supposed to go pre-snap, and he does it within such a quick time, and he analyzes the defense so fast it really takes up the pass rush. He’s a constant professional. I mean, he really helped me out as a younger player, so obviously you want Matt Ryan out there, but we are fully confident when he’s in there as well.

Julio Jones kept it simple:

He was being Matt Schaub. We didn’t ask him to be Matt Ryan or anyone else. We asked him to come in and do what he does. He gave us opportunities, and he went out there and made plays.

The Falcons started the game determined Grady Jarrett had Russell Wilson dead to right in the center of his target moving in for the kill. Wilson sidestepped and completed a 21-yard pass as if he wasn’t there. It appeared as if though their first drive was scripted, focusing on a weakness in the defense named Isiah Oliver but not today he made three key breakups on the receivers and forced them to settle for a field goal. The Falcons failed to answer W Schwitzer committed a false start to end a drive, which forced Matt Bryant into an unsuccessful 51-yard field attempt. In total, he attempted four field goals but was successful on two that’s not the Money Matt of old.

Devonta Freeman fumbles the ball stretching out to score a touchdown
Devonta Freeman fumbles at the 1-yard line courtesy Atlanta Falcons

Devonta Freeman with extraordinary effort tried to extend the ball to score a touchdown instead fumbled on the one-yard line it was so close they turned to the eye in the sky for help after further review the call on the field was confirmed. It’s been that kind of season; nothing bounces the way of the Falcons.

Dan Quinn on the fourth-quarter fumble:

I thought that was a huge part of this. When you turn it over at the one, you don’t have a chance to keep answering. Especially when you’re in a hole, you have zero margins for any error. When that happens, from my vantage point I couldn’t tell hand down or not. They are automatically reviewable, so New York took a look and said from their vantage point it would not be overturned.

Regardless of who throws the ball to Julio Jones, he delivers today 10 catches for 152 yards.

Grady Jarrett redeemed himself from the first quarter shake to contribute 2 impressive sacks.

The first half of the season is over; it is what it is the Falcons are 1-7 with six straight losses heading into a much need bye week.

Offensive guard Jamon Brown said:

We just have to take this time to get away from football. We have to take a deep breath and put that first half of the season behind us. There is nothing we can do about it now. We sit here with the record that we sit here at. It is not time for us to sit and pout. It is just time to get away for a little bit and enjoy your family and time off. Then, when we come back, we have to hit the ground running.

So, this is how things go when the Matt Ryan Falcons quarterback missed the first game since 2009.

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