Preview Falcons vs Tampa

  1. Winston has to play a clean game, Eliminate Rookie mistakes leave rookie mistakes back in your rookie year. Show growth in his game.
  2. Balance to keep Atlanta off Balance. Keep the game balanced not to pass happy, not to run happy. Eliminates Atlanta from pinning their ears back and putting pressure on the young QB
  3. Force Ryan to go deeper down the field eliminate the short stuff he likes to hit the check-down.
  4. Make the rookie Linebackers think, run a lot of play action and send people high and low one route over the top of them and one underneath. Then Beasley is playing a new position one benefit is to rotate between the two using him in different situations.


  1. Falcons use Freeman in the Sprint Draw to combat the pressure coming from the Tampa Bay pass rushers. Best Sprint Draw back in the NFL. Just need a small crease to break through.
  2. Helps to get Ryan comfortable early and keeps the pressure off of him. Short Passes and half rollouts the help him out. Doesn’t do well with pressure early will help him out for later in the game. If he gets in a groove early can be a long day for the Bucks.
  3. Be versatile on Defense switch up your fronts be creative with disguises to keep Winston off balance force him to think versus reacting. Great backyard player going back to FSU days. Blitz’s and zone coverages try to create turnovers to leave the offense with a short field.

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