Ping Pong Balls Didn’t Bounce in for Hawks

Zion Williamson the Prize of the Draft

The number eight and 10 pick.

These are the two picks the Atlanta Hawks finished up with after the 2019 NBA Lottery.

The night began with Zion Williams, who has a 99.9 percent of being the number one draft pick, giving some love to the Hawks podium as he entered the stage just before the Lottery began. The Hawks entered the Lottery with 10 percent of landing the number one pick, with the New York Knicks, Cleveland, Phoenix and Chicago ahead of them.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, the ping pong balls did not land in Atlanta’s favor and the number one draft pick went to the New Orleans Pelicans.

How did it happen:

The Dallas Mavericks landed the 10th draft pick, but due to the Trae Young-Luka Donic trade from the 2018 NBA Draft, the pick was given to Atlanta.

After the Washington Wizards landed the ninth pick, it was announced the Hawks would have the eighth pick of the draft, falling way short of what many expected to be a historic night for the local sports franchise.

Interesting Facts:

— Chris Kirschner of the Athletic tweeted that the winning numbers to obtain the number one draft pick were 7, 4, 12 and 13. The Hawks were one number off from obtaining that pick, as they had numbers, 3, 7, 12 and 13.

— Some notable players that have been selected either eighth or 10th include Paul George, CJ McCollum, Joe Johnson (Former Hawk), Paul Pierce and Brook Lopez.

Moving Forward:

It’s important to note that the Hawks will also have three picks in the second round, No. 35, 41 and 44, although it is highly speculated that General Manager Travis Schlenk will more than likely make some moves either before or on draft night.

Big Takeaway:

Although it wasn’t a historic night for the Hawks, it was a historic night for the NBA. The league implemented a new system where tanking in a season might not necessarily mean that a team would automatically get the number one pick, which is what happened.

The Knicks, Cavaliers and the Suns, which had the highest percentages at 14 percent, ended up with the third, fifth and sixth pick respectively.

On the other side of the coin, New Orleans and Memphis, both with 6 percent change, will make the first two picks of the draft later in June.

NBA Draft Order (First 14):

  1. New Orleans
  2. Memphis
  3. New York Knicks
  4. Los Angeles Lakers
  5. Cleveland
  6. Phoenix
  7. Chicago
  8. Atlanta
  9. Washington
  10. Atlanta (From Dallas)
  11. Minnesota
  12. Charlotte
  13. Miami
  14. Boston

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