NFL 2018 – Six Must Watch Games of the Season


NFL 2018 – Six Must Watch Games of the Season

With the NFL season well on its way, the various teams putting in their best efforts, there are so many games in this season that we would love watching all of them. As that is simply impossible, here are the six must-watch games that you would not want to miss.

.    Green Bay Packers Vs New England Patriots

Now, that is an interesting game to watch especially since we have the two Hall of Famers namely Tom Brady with the Patriots and Aaron Rodgers with the Packers. This might be the last season for them to face each other since Brady is past 40 and the AFC East and NFC North don’t meet except every four years. So, it is unlikely these two will play opposite each other again.

.    Los Angeles Chargers Vs Los Angeles Rams

It has been quite a long time since these two teams have met and the Chargers have a lot of potential under their hats despite the injuries that keep afflicting the team. So, it would be rather interesting to see these two formidable forces meet after so long especially as both are L.A teams.

.    Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

This game will be played at the Wembley Stadium in London and it would be intriguing to see the outcome. As far as the Eagles are concerned, it is a major concern whether Will Carson has regained his pre-injury prowess. Quarterback is a major concern for the Eagles and the Jaguars as well. Donte Moncrief is with the Jaguars, but it is hard to say how he will fare after all the injuries that he has endured throughout his career. And, both teams have new faces added to their teams. An interesting combination of circumstances to say the least.

.    Los Angeles Rams Vs New Orleans Saints

Having seen what a show these two teams gave us last year, the least we could do is see how they fare this year as well. Of course, knowing that Alvin Kamara is there is a big enough reason to see this game.  He gave us an unbelievable performance last year when he managed 188 yards in just 11 touches, and he scored twice. It is also an important game for Los Angeles due to 2017 losses.

.    Minnesota Vikings Vs New England Patriots

This is another combination that we rarely see especially as these could be the two teams featured in the Super Bowl. The Vikings looked awesome last year despite an injury that cut their progress. The Patriots are a championship team and their games are always top on any list. Kirk Cousins, Dalvin cook, Adam Thielen, to mention just a few – we are in for a great game.

.    Philadelphia Eagles Vs Los Angeles Rams

As this was the finest game in 2017, so it goes without saying that it is our top choice for this season. Jared Goff of the Eagles and Carson Wentz of the Rams – who left with a torn ACL – are bound to give us a game to remember. Hopefully, they can keep it up for the full game especially since the Rams have made some improvements in the corner and defensive tackles.

Choose your game, book your NFL tickets without service fees and enjoy the season to the fullest.

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