NCAA hands Georgia Tech men’s basketball program major sanctions

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Georgia Tech’s men’s basketball program received major sanctions from the NCAA for the 2019-2020 season and the next four years.

The penalties were given to the Yellow Jackets after an investigation found violations by Darryl LaBarrie, former assistant coach, and Ron Bell, a friend of Head Coach Josh Pastner, during recruiting.

According to the NCAA report, the investigation found that LaBarrie arranged a meeting between a recruit, Wendell Carter, and a former Yellow Jacket who played in the NBA, later identified as Jarrett Jack. During such meeting, Jack took Carter and Justin Moore, a team member of Georgia Tech’s basketball team, to his home and later into a strip club without paying a cover and gave $300 each to spend while there.

Meanwhile for Bell, the report found that he gave Georgia Tech players $2,424 in shoes, clothes, meals and transportation even though Pastner had warned him not to do so. Bell was also found of communicating with a potential transfer, despite the NCAA clearly stating that they prohibit from boosters communicating with potential transfer or recruits.

According to a 29-page report by the NCAA, the penalties are the following:

Four years of probation

— 2019-2020 postseason ban (including the ACC tournament)

— A fine of $5,000 plus 2% of the men’s basketball program budget

— A loss of one scholarship per season while the team is in probation (the next four years)

The NCAA also imposed recruiting sanctions to Georgia Tech during each year of probation, which are the following:

— Eight-week ban on unofficial visits

three-visit reduction from the permissible number of official visits.

— An eight-week ban on recruiting communications.

— A reduction of 19 recruiting-person days from the permissible number.

—A vacation of wins in which the men’s basketball student-athletes competed while ineligible. Georgia Tech must provide a report of the games impacted by the NCAA sanction within the next 14 days.

— The program will not be allowed to have official visits while a home men’s basketball game is taking place for the next two years.

The University will also have to self impose a three year disassociation with LaBarrie and Jarrett Jack. Meanwhile, Bell will have to disassociated himself with the entire program until further notice.

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