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Mizzou Gifts Harsin Another Week of Do or Die

Auburn Tigers celebrate last second win over Missouri

The other Tigers from Mizzou had big aspirations throwing over the top Harsin had to see his tenure blink right before his eyes. The big play attempt was unsuccessful. But that was a prelude to their charitable contributions. Word around town is interim Athletic Director Rich McGlynn could earn the permanent position by sending Head Coach Brian Harsin off into the sunset. For sure, it would be a bright spot for the aching alums.

Mizzou choked twice. First, Harrison Mevis missed a game-winning field goal as time ran out in the fourth quarter that sent the game to overtime, allowing Harsin to pick his heart up off the grass.

Secondly, Running back Nathaniel Peat, over-extending himself, stretched for the pylon, coming up short as he fumbled the game-winning overtime ball inches from the goal line. Had he scored the lights at Jordan Hare, the Anti Harsin alums programmed him to blink three times to queue up the choir to sing hit the road jack. Instead, Harsin escapes with seven more days, but I doubt if he will have seven lives.

The LSU Bayou Tigers are up next as the SEC schedule tightens around Harsin. Today he needed Maalox next week. He might start the day with Tylenol. It’s always tough when a team plays musical quarterbacks. Auburn can’t decide which quarterback to anoint QB 1. Robby Ashford started the game but couldn’t find much success with an offensive line that looked like they would have had a tough time falling through a wet paper bag. Ashford couldn’t get any pocket protection; therefore, running for his life, gaining 46 yards on 15 rushing attempts.

He also contributed 127 yards, completing 12 of 18 passes before Holden Geriner rescued him. The six rushers for Auburn combined for 82 rushing yards. Koy More led in passing yards catching 4 passes for 74 yards which were the lion’s share of the total 135 yards. It was not an offensive big play day.

Auburn ran out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter; somehow, they got away from what brought them success. The running game. The first score came on a drive of 14 plays and rushing for 59 yards. Derrick Hall intercepted a Brady Cook pass, providing a short field at the 43-yard line. Tank Bigsby crossed the goal line from 3 yards out. It appeared to be a blowout in the making.

By halftime, the score was tied at 14-14 when Mizzou put together an impressive drive that lasted 11 plays covering 79 yards. The second half featured much to do about nothing. Someone had to win the game. It was the Auburn Tigers stumbling into the blessing by doing nothing.

Nathaniel Peat danced around defenders on a second and fifteen play in overtime, covering 20 yards. He got cute and tried to extend the ball to the pylon/goal line in one hand to win the game in overtime. However, the ball squirted out of his hand, losing possession and fumbling into the endzone, gifting Auburn with the victory 17-14

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