Julio Jones on Adjusting to Coaching Changes

Julio Jones celebrates with teammates

On adjusting to Dave Brock as the wide receivers coach:
“It’s going good in our room. Rah [Raheem Morris] has been doing a great job for us, the defensive backs, and just being on the defensive side of the ball. It’s a lot of energy, a lot of excitement, things like that, what I can see as far as practice. Our room, we’re good to go. [Dave] Brock is doing a tremendous job in there with us, just letting us play and have fun.”

 On whether or not the transition has been easier because Dave Brock has coached receivers before:
“Yes, the transition was easier for us because he knows everybody in there. It’s not like it’s an unfamiliar face in the room or somebody we’re trying to build trust with and things like that. He knows what everybody is capable of in the room. He holds us to that standard, and we just come out here and go to work.”

 On Dan Quinn moving Raheem Morris because of his confidence in Julio Jones in the room:
“I’ve been playing ball for a while, just the way I approach the game, just everything about it, I guess. The standard I have for myself and the guys in the room, that I’m going to be that second voice or whatever [Dave] Brock needs in the room to back him. In that sense of being a coach and having an understanding of, we need everybody in the room regardless, practice squad guys or whatever, we need everybody to be crisp on their details and things like that because it’s always next man up.”

 On whether or not he feels that he needs to be more vocal than he has been before:
“No, not at all. I have all the confidence in the world in the guys that are in the room. They can make plays. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t capable of doing so. Just hold them to that standard and reiterate what coach is saying and let them know, ‘You’re good enough to be here. You can play in this league.’ It’s a confidence thing.”

 On having a challenging season:
“For me, it is not a disappointing season. We are what? 1-7 or whatever it is. We are not where we want to be at all, but the season is not over – so I can’t speak on if the season is disappointing or whatever. For me, it is just the next game. It is that mentality. I always stay ready. It is a process. We come out here each and every day, and you can’t get bored with it. Regardless of the outcome of the game, if you go out there and play and do your best, that is all we ask of each guy. Each and every day go out there and have that mentality and attitude – that is all we ask of everybody.”

 On getting away from football during the bye week:
“I did, but everybody deals with their own thing in their own way. I can’t speak for everybody on what they need to do to be ready, whether it is block out football or things like that. I am not saying what [Matt] Schaub said was wrong or anything like that. You are asking me the questions, so as for me, I just did [get away from football] because it is what I always do. I always like to detach myself away from it. I don’t watch football outside of football. I have a life. I mean I do what I need to do, but when I am in the building. I am trying to be the very best that I can possibly be.”

 On playing a game with Matt Schaub as Quarterback vs. Matt Ryan as Quarterback:
“For me, I just have to do my job at the end of the day – regardless of who is under center. I can’t think, I am going to run this route like this because Matt Schaub is in the game or because Matt Ryan is in the game. I have to do what I do, and I am going to do that each and every play. I don’t know if Matt Ryan is playing, I heard you sneak that in there – but I don’t know if he is playing or not. I can’t give you a yes or no on that if he is playing.”

 On the LSU/Alabama game:
“Come on man, Roll Tide! That’s it, it’s Roll Tide! Coach Saban will have the guys ready, but you can’t overlook them. It is going to be a great battle. LSU is a tough competitor, and they have got a great offense now. Everybody is really high on them, which they have been doing a great job though. I think they still deserve to be number one, though, because they have beat like five top ten teams, but that stuff really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, they just have to go out there and play ball. I want a really good game – I don’t want it too close, but I want a good game. I want to see four quarters of really good football.”

 On talking trash with current teammates who are LSU alumni:
“Oh absolutely. You have to do that. If you go to school you have to do that, you can’t duck people because that is your alma mater. You don’t want to duck people because somebody comes to you and says, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and you are also undefeated, you have to come on with it.”

 On what’s at stake over the LSU/Alabama bets in the locker room:
“It depends, we are just going to leave it at that – it varies.”

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