Georgia Needs 225 Rushing Yards

Elijah Holyfiield breaks a long run down the sideline against Georgia Tech

The Ole Savvy Vet vs. the Young, Energetic Prodigy Again

The rematch or the revisit call it whatever you want the first one was for all the marbles this one is to see which one returns to gather them. My prediction If Georgia loses they may not be out of the CFP Playoffs they could back in should Oklahoma, and Ohio State loses. However, if Alabama goes down, they deserve to advance which may set the stage for not just another SEC National Championship, the true rematch. Only one team can derail it, Clemson, if so then we can call that the Showdown of the Undefeated. Either way, both scenarios have one thing in common BAMA the undisputed best college football program in the country.

The CFP Committee boasts their rankings are based on a team’s full body of work all Nick Sabin has done was accept the bull’s eye curse of a target being labeled #1 at the beginning of the season and finished the regular season #1 and oh by the way BAMA is the defending National Champions. It doesn’t get any sexier than that.  Either way, you slice this pie Georgia should get a piece. I am sorry I don’t see any other conference title game out there considering the level of competition Notre Dame (12-0,) ranked #3 has secured its spot they affiliate with the ACC, but they don’t play in the conference championship. Instead, Clemson plays a practice game against Pitt they are not ranked in the top 25. It only makes sense to me that they play Clemson (12-0) and ranked #2.

#5 Oklahoma plays #14 Texas then #6 Ohio State plays #21 Northwestern neither of these games can compare to #4 Georgia playing #1 Alabama if you lose to the defending undefeated National Champions shouldn’t that have some value or contribution to their full body of work against a worthy opponent.

Should either of the scenarios feature Alabama vs. Clemson or Georgia, come to fruition it’s going to be a wonderful culmination to the college football season yielding the largest audience in history?

Georgia is 10.5 dogs to BAMA. If they lose, does that mean this was an unsuccessful season they are playing in back to back SEC Championships?

After Georgia dominated the first half 13-0 in the National Championship game, they collapsed in overtime losing 26-23  to the living legend Nick Sabin who changed quarterbacks at the half Tua  Tagovailoa for Jaylen Hurst which birthed this seasons Heisman Trophy front-runner.

The atmosphere felt a little weird as if though it was acceptable or some type of consultation the student was supposed to lose to the teacher, in this case, the teacher is the greatest college football coach of all time.

Kirby Smart said “they know a lot about us and we know a lot about them” he should he has the blueprint to the palace serving as the defensive coordinator in Alabama for a number of their championship runs.

D’Andre Swift looks for an open hole to burst through at the Ole Fashion Hate rivialry against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets  (photo by: Jim Lacey)

The Bulldogs are clicking on all cylinders with D’Andre Swift returning to health cementing their identity as one of the nation’s most dominant running teams along with Elijah Holyfield. Much like last season, the question is can they run between the tackles of Alabama which historically hang their hats on defense. However this year they have the most prolific offense in all of the college football averaging 49 points a game while allowing their opponents to score 14 points, most of those did not come against the starters.

To date, they haven’t faced much of a challenge from anyone most games especially early in the season they were so far out of reach Tagovailoa didn’t play in the fourth quarter.

Georgia certainly will be their biggest challenge they average 40 points per game and allow their opponents to score 17 points based on that the teams appear to mirror each other. 17-14 = 3 the exact difference in the National Championship game.

Keys for Georgia

  1. Must run for 225 yards
  2. No points off turnovers
  3. Score from outside of the RED ZONE that area where the air is vacuumed out of the stadium making the field more compact.
  4. Must take Tua Tagovailoas impact out of the game making Alabama one dimensional dependent on the run problem with that they run the ball well they just throw it better. And when they have both, they are unstoppable.

Keys for Bama

  1. No points off turnovers
  2. Tagovailoa has to finish the game can’t injure that leg


Bama should win by 7

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