GA Southern’s Future lies in Tomlin’s Hands

Redshirt Freshmen Justin Tomlin (SW Dekalb) wasn’t ready to take over the helm as the starting QB at GA Southern; but with Shari Werts out with a rib injury, his number was called to start against Maine. He came out running several option plays that were effective. Tomlins style of play is similar to Werts, which is probably why he chose to come to Statesboro. Familiarity with the system allowed him to be productive with limited experience. He threw 4-9 for 63 yards and rushed 11 attempts for 154 yards with a touchdown. Eagles won 26-18 defeating the Maine Black Bears. 

I caught up with him after the game to ask him a couple of questions:

TD: When did you know that your number was going to get called to start in your first collegiate game?

JT: Throughout the week, I was working with the 1st Team; it was a day-to-day thing. I really didn’t know actually what when I was going to start but I found out the day before that I knew I was going to start, so I needed to know that I would be the starting guy, so it really helped me out, but the day before the game I found out.

TD: As the game went along, how did you feel to start setting down? I know you made a couple of great passes in the game.

JT: In the beginning, I was a little tense, a little nervous. It was my first start. As the game went along I had to let the game get to me, calm me down, and just go through my memories from practice to play a good game.

TD: I know it’s different from playing at Southwest DeKalb. I’m from the Metro Atlanta area. So I know that the transition is different playing and living from North Georgia to South Georgia. How has that transition been coming from high school to college?

JT: It’s definitely a difference with bigger kids, faster guys; everyone just as fast as you, but I feel like if you prepare good and things really can play out in your favor. Size Doesn’t Matter in all that long as you prepare yourself. You still can perform better than your opponent. 

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