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FSU 1st Ten years in ACC/Team of the 90’s/2019?

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FSU 1st Ten years in ACC/Team of the 90’s/2019?

What will Florida State do in 2019 to start the road back to being relevant? They were picked to finish 3rd in the ACC Atlantic Division this year. That tells me that a good number of people expect them to rebound!

FSU was named the team of the decade for the ’90s. Why were they given this honor? From 1990 thru 1999 the Noles went 109-13-1 and won 2 National Championships!

We all know that Florida State had a losing season in 2018. When did this last happen? You have to go back to 1976, when FSU went 5-6, in the legendary Bobby Bowden’s inaugural season.

Some interesting facts to ponder:

Florida State only had 2 coaching searches during this period. That was in 1975 & 2017. Remember Jimbo Fisher was the coach in waiting, so there was no search when coach Bowden retired!

 Both new coaches had losing seasons in 1st year. In his 2nd season (1977) Bobby went in 10-2. Can Willie have the same or similar result in 2019?

The 2 losses in 77 were in Tallahassee against Miami 23-17 and at San Diego State 41-16. Other than the game at SDS, the most points they gave up in any game was 21!

To put things in perspective:

Clemson has had a great last 5 years in the ACC with a 36-4 conference record. Now all they need to do is go 40-0 in their next 5 seasons to match FSU. The Seminoles went 76-4 in first their 10 seasons with 2 losses in the 10th season.

As an added note, FSU went 20-4 next 3 seasons before losing more than 2 conference games in a season. That’s a pretty incredible run!

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