Falcons Ruin Atlanta’s Championship Weekend

Falcons Ruin Atlanta’s Championship Weekend

Look, the Atlanta United won the MLS Cup and the Atlanta Hawks beat the number one team in the NBA’s western conference on Saturday. Despite the cold air and pouring rain, Atlanta had a party last night. Then the Atlanta Falcons took the field on Sunday and ruined the mood.

The lowly Dirty Birds fell to the Green Bay Packers 34-20 in Week 14. The Packers scored 34 consecutive points in the first three quarters to blow the game open.

The Falcons showed promise on the opening drive, feeding Julio Jones three times for 63 yards and the game’s first touchdown.

They completely fell apart after that. Atlanta committed over 10 penalties that cost them over 100 yards. The offense converted just three third-downs on 12 attempts. The defense gave up nearly 140 rushing yards.

Atlanta added two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, but it didn’t make a difference.

The Falcons are now 4-9 and the embarrassment of Atlanta. Since winning the NFC Championship in January 2017, they are 15-17.

They’ve been especially awful this season. Sunday’s loss at Green Bay was their fifth straight. To add insult, the loss clinched the NFC South for the rival New Orleans Saints.

You know who I really feel bad for? Arthur Blank. As the owner of the Atlanta United, he was baptized in champagne last night to celebrate Atlanta’s first major sports title since 1995. Less than 24 hours later, he watched the team he bought in 2002 get blown out in freezing weather. The same team that was just over 2 minutes away from winning the Super Bowl two seasons ago.

There’s some good news though. On Monday, Atlanta fans will line the streets of downtown Atlanta for the United’s championship parade. Plus, there are just three games left of this pathetic Falcons’ season.

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