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Embrace 1-3… Why? I’m glad you asked…. we would much rather have self-inflicted internal issues right now oppose to having them in November and December. Discipline, Technique, and Patience are what’s needed to remain grounded. In the first quarter of the season it appeared as if though we were on the same page but the wrong book, by midseason I bet you’ll think we have a crystal ball!

Now I understand that fans don’t want to hear the usual “we have to do better” jargon from their living room, but we cannot compare ourselves to other teams, and how they have played up to this point. Allow yourself to dive into a little positivity, and understand how this is a very real scenario.

The Falcons begin a two-week road stretch with Houston and Arizona, both winnable games. Houston was held to just 10 points last week despite the playmakers of Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Stills, Carlos Hyde, and Duke Johnson…Unreal! Houston’s struggling O-line will be a key factor in this match up. Houstons Defense also struggled with stopping Carolinas Christian McCaffery on Sunday. Our keys will be defensive line pressure; short passes to the RBs, and the O-line continuing to gel while getting nasty with Houston’s defense. Our pressure will create coverage sacks and boom!

As we head over to Arizona at 2-3 feeling pretty good, there is a  face-off against Rookie Kyler Murray. Though he’s shown some flashes as advertised, Arizona is struggling big time getting first downs passing the ball. Yep! You guessed it; the Falcons have to create those long 2nd, and 3rd down plays and exploit that weakness. Murray also has great faith in his speed, so he holds onto the ball a little longer than desired… Cue our fast physical linebackers and linemen!

Alright, stay disciplined now, 3-3 back to 500, we’re back home, but we keep that foot on the gas as the LA Rams come to the Benz! The Falcons have been a thorn in LA’s side for a few years, they’re looking for the W but wait.. we have our fans back filling up the Benz after 2 road wins, and that train horn is blowing! Is the picture coming together now? Much like 08, 10, 13, 16 and 18 (wildcard win) we take them down again.

Dirty birds are 4-3 what a turn around! Seattle comes to the Benz, and we can rehash 2017 when we won both the regular-season and the NFC divisional playoff games! Ryan and Wilson duel it out in an air attack type game once more. Pete Carroll and Dan Quinn shake hands at the 50, and we jog off the field. 

We are the Atlanta Falcons strolling’ into our bye week 5-3 with the swagger of George Jefferson. Fall in love with the process, not the Product, Rise Up Falcons Fans!

– Nick Puccio the PA Dirty Bird.

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