Falcons Full of Questions Limited Fan Support

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After a spectacular come from behind victory over the San Francisco 49’ers, the Falcons go back to the drawing board to prepare for the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team with an Identical record of 5-4. The Falcons have proven they are a better team on the road, and they turn it on when they play teams with better records. They have beaten teams at the top of the conference but have lost to the less formidable.

They rose to beat the San Francisco 49’ers (11-3) and New Orleans Saints (11-3), which are two playoff contenders but lost to the Arizona Cardinals (4-9). The Falcons are a talented team that plays inconsistently. Many point to coaching, but I beg the differ, through all of the adversity this team plays hard and continues to fight against all the odds, case and point, they left everything on the field last week as they dramatically defeated San Francisco 29-22 on a last-second touchdown.

They needed some help from the eye in the sky; after further review, pandemonium broke out. Captured and seen around the world of social media an embrace between quarterback Matt Ryan and Head Coach Dan Quinn that seemed to throw the burden off their backs.

We put the question to Jerome Henderson about the team playing better on the road?

“We can’t focus on the road or at home; we just got to have a great week of prep. I think that’s been the big difference for us, our weeks of prep have been really good recently. And the team has fed off of that. As you said, in that game, we played really good complementary football, defense, offense, special teams, so hopefully, this game we can do that, have that same formula. I know they want to play that way, you look at how they want to win, if they win, they are going to try to run the ball, use their defense to keep a close game, back-n-forth. And try to get a win that way. We have to play complementary football on offense, defense, and special teams, hopefully, that will get us a win.

It’s been interesting, a dreadful front eight (1-7) but now in the back eight (4-2) with two games remaining. The big question, “will that be enough to save Head Coach Dan Quinn.” My answer that will seal it, last week bought it.  But if they are blown out in both games, in the NFL, refunds are granted. Just win out, and everything will take care of itself.

Vic Beasley has come to life. He only produced 1.5 sacks in the front eight but has produced 5.5 sacks in the last six games. The same question, will that be enough to bring him back?  Just as the Falcons have been a better second-half team during games. That Identity has flowed over into their seasonal record.

The stage is set for an interesting offseason filled with questions. Who will come? Who will be going? Who will be staying? Sunday will be the last home game of the season. We hope the fans will be in attendance. That would be a nice Christmas present for the hard-working underachieving Falcons Afterall; it’s the season of love.

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