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Dan Quinn a happy coach

In life all one can ask for is an opportunity what you do with it is up to you. When you make a huge mistake all one can do is learn from it. We have all heard the ole saying “get me once shame on you get me twice shame on me.” My point one should be better prepared the second time around. It appears to me that the brain trust of the Atlanta Falcons

(Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager, Scott Pioli Assistant General Manager, Rich McKay President & CEO, and Dan Quinn Head Coach)  has done just that.

Calvin Ridley returns a kick
Clavin Ridley stiff arms a kansas city player in preseason action at MBS Stadium Photo Getty




We all remember the largest debacle in Super Bowl history. Last season was disappointing because the expectations were off the charts. However, they did not make any knee-jerk reactions. Instead, they have kept the core group of former MVP and Player of the Year Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman together on the offensive side, they have improved the offensive line and shored up the defense with a host of young studs.

This season they displayed an unwavering commitment to building a champion by selecting the best player available former Alabama standout All American Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley. Now they have an All American on one side and All World Julio Jones on the other. Jones became the fastest player to reach 8,000 receiving yards since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger.

Julio Jones
Julio Jones makes a football move vs Arizona Cardinals Photo By Jamie Thompson

He has scored seven touchdowns of 60+ yards and 12 touchdowns of 40 or more yards in his career. Jones was regarded as the nation’s top receiver by,, and Super Prep. He was also named the top high school player in the country by Sports Illustrated and

Ridley wasn’t too shabby he was considered the nations top-ranked wide receiver as well coming out of high school by ESPN, 247  Sports, and In common, they both played their college careers at Alabama the best college football program in the country. As Falcons they are teammates for the first time. This should be the icing on the cake or the fuse to ignite the offensive explosion.

Area of Concern:

Steve Sarkisian whom all of the armchair administrators called fans blamed for the team’s transgressions returns for his second season as the offensive coordinator. It would have been easy to pull the plug, but I credit them for not making a knee-jerk decision. Players are drafted and given a couple of years to develop, but there is no such thing for coaches.

Steve Sarkisian is in his second year as OC in Atlanta
Steve Sarkisian focused on the Falcons sideline Photo Getty

The average term for school superintendents is three years when a company makes top tier changes it’s a 3-5 year commitment on the NFL coaching tree it’s now. I remind you the offense didn’t look good under former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan the first year the second was magical let’s hope for the same results under Sark. Dare to think if they could have kept Shanahan for one more year wake up that dream is over his career progress has landed him as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

Sarkisian former Alabama coordinator is part three of the BAMA connection inherited a high octane high-performance engine design by someone else they gave him the keys and said don’t wreck it but drive it the way the previous driver did full throttle.  Well, the seats were too far back, the steering wheel was tilted too far down it made for a bumpy drive. He had no input in its design.


He didn’t know its precision. To the average fan, all he had to do was call the plays it turned out to be one helluva daunting task, for some reason it just didn’t look as pretty. However, he led the offense to the playoffs in his first season compiling a 10-6 record compared to 11-5 the previous year in which they went to the Super Bowl.


Allow me to summarize Sarks first season the team lost one game more than it did the previous and came one high pass away from the NFC Championship and two games away from returning to the Super Bowl by losing 15-10 to the eventual champion Philadelphia Eagles.


It’s year two by now he should have made the proper adjustments for a comfortable drive. He is now sitting in the driver’s seat of potentially one of the most prolific offensive juggernauts not seen by NFL kind. It almost looks too good to be true. Barring any injury, the Falcons should be top flight.

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