Empty Seats for Empty Hearts

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The Falcons returned home after two debilitating losses to empty arms. Redbacks appeared in the form of empty seats throughout the stadium. It’s like that child you love so much but he or she is misbehaving; you put your arms around them, but you want them to know you are disappointed.

It poured down raining in the city of Atlanta yesterday boos rain down today as the Falcons exited the field for halftime. Frustration spilled over for Devonte Freeman as he got into a fight face mask shoving match with Aaron Donald.

I don’t advocate any type of fighting, but when you are a competitive athlete fighting for the life of your season, and nothing is going your way, you have to do something. In basketball, the coach can orchestrate a technical foul with the intent of sparking the team.

In this case, Freeman was ejected. Surely you are familiar with the Southern Charm of a statement “that dog won’t hunt” at least there’s some fight in that dog. He has been running as hard as ever, but for whatever reason hasn’t been able to contribute that break out game he so desperately wants.

It started favorably for the Falcons scoring on their first drive with a 52-yard field goal by Matt Bryant. The Los Angeles Rams tried to play copy cat, but their kick went off the left upright. For a brief moment, it looked as if though the jinx was over, and some bad luck was happening to the opponent.

Good things happen to good teams, with that in mind, they turned to kicker Greg Zuerlein for a second opportunity, this time he was successful with a 55-yard field goal. If it goes bad, then you know it can be bad, sometimes, even if you did nothing wrong. Middle linebacker Foyesade Oluokun burst through the line and laid some real lumber on Jared Goff. It was the perfect set up the linemen parted, and his radar picked up the signal of a quarterback before the thrust into him drawing a personal. Under my officiating cap, I didn’t see it; neither did the Atlanta Falcons fans who voiced their displeasure with a serenade of boos.

Courtsey Atlanta Falcons

Recently acquired bad boy and disgruntled defensive back Jalen Ramsey via the  Jacksonville Jaguars made his debut and got to know Julio Jones (6 catches 93 yards). The highlight of the first half was a 39-yard catch as he shook Ramsey off the line and darted down the sideline Matt Ryan was perfect on the delivery Ramsey could only hold on for dear life.

His new coach Sean McVay spoke on his coverage of Julio Jones

“That’s where you have a unique player. I mean, you’re talking about two of the best at their positions going at it. Julio [Jones] has been doing it at a high level and as high a level as any wide receiver arguably to do it at the start of his career. He’s a special player. He can do everything. You can use him in a variety of ways. I thought it was two great players battling today.”

A shanked 20-yard punt gave the Falcons the ball at the 45-yard line fans had wishful thinking, but they sputtered that’s when the Boo Birds rained down with the score 13-3 at halftime. The Falcons had a total of 108 yards, and Matt Ryan had been sacked three times. He was taking a beating

It is often said the first three minutes of the second half, and the last three minutes of the game either seals the victory or allows all the air to escape. The Rams started up a vacuum disguised as a 9 plays, 75 yards touchdown drive as Jared Goff tossed a short pass to Gerald Everett for an 8-yard touchdown.

At 20-3, the game was slipping away frustration spilled when Matt Ryan threw an interception to Cory Littleton at the Atlanta 22 yard line a fight ensured. The result was offsetting penalties for unnecessary roughness on Aaron Donald and Takk McKinney, with Devonta Freeman being ejected.

To make matters worse, Matt Ryan suffered an ankle injury on an Aaron Donald sack, forced fumble recovery, and did not return to the game. He was seen later moving about in a walking boot and scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. He produced only 159 yards completing 16 of 27 passes with 1 interception after being sacked five times.

Backup quarterback Matt Schaub, a former pro bowler during his time with the Houston Texans, was called into duty. He led the team down to score, but this one was over at half time. The Falcons were soundly beaten in every phase of the game 37-10. It might be safe to say the wheels are officially off.

Coach Quinn on whether or not he feels like he’s lost the team:
“I understand the question. It’s a fair question, quite honestly, because you spend most of your time trying to connect and get the team to play like we’re capable of. The answer I would say is no, but why am I — the disbelief at times of not playing like we’re capable of, that can be very frustrating. When you don’t do that, you want to look and search and find answers, and that’s what I spend most of my time doing to see what tweaks, what things need to be changed, whether it’s personnel, scheme, whether it’s an assistant in play calling or for me to apply some attention elsewhere. I’m always looking to do anything that’s best for the team. Trust me, my ego is never bigger than the team. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help get us right.”

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