Devonte Freeman Goes Off Like a Run A Way Train

The Atlanta Falcons offense featuring Matt Ryan and Devante Freeman minus one wheel caught traction and ran through the 49ers scoring 41 points like a runaway train. During the game, over the loud speaker, the DJ turned out the fame song Midnight Train to Georgia. This was the Midday Train through the defense of the Forty Niner’s ripping them for 550 total yards. There is a reason they are ranked 32nd they are in serious trouble on that side of the ball. Chip Kelly is arguably an offensive GURU and figures if I out score them they can’t beat me. That brand of football can be more successful in college but as Grady Jarrett said to me during his interview “this is the highest level of football each week you play against the best in the world”.


This served up whooping is their 13th straight loss of the season for the Forty Niner’s. The Falcon train chugged up 21 points in the first quarter without all world wide receiver Julio Jones who sat out due to a toe injury. For this one he wasn’t needed Devonte Freeman was the unidentified locomotive running for 139 yards on 20 carries  and three touchdowns averaging 7 yards a carry drawing praise from Coach Quinn “Free sometimes can set himself apart is when he gets to the next level and can try and break a guy off who’s got good leverage on him. He’s got such good change of direction.”


The missile launcher was Matt Ryan who threw for 286 yards and two touchdowns. The falcons ended the game with 550 total yards. Ryan had the second highest passer rating in his career at 144.5.. The Forty Niner’s were hit by land, air, and themselves, they simply had no weapons to load.

They lost five players to injury during the game and had to do some mixing and matching on both sides of the ball to finish it, talking about “when it rains it pours”.

Chip Kelly On the loss of so many players to injury:
“I haven’t been in a game like this ever. We lost five players and it makes it hard on the coaching staff, but give our players’ credit they had to play out of position at times, but it’s just the nature of the game and they had to step up.”

It was just a couple of short years ago this team was competing at the top of the NFL vying for the Super Bowl under Head  Coach Jim Harbaugh, who was terminated due to a personality conflict with the front office according to the grape vine.  Perhaps this is the curse of Harbaugh. The Dallas Cowboys are finally looking like they are emerging from the curse of Johnson the Back to Back Super Bowl winning head coach that was let go for similar issues. Yea the Cowboys won one more Super Bowl with the players Johnson amassed but Troy Aikman said it best “this is a veteran lead or coached team”. It was built by complimentary talents and skills of Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones who had some type of feud. Instead of two championships under Johnson and one under Barry Switzer in three years, perhaps there would have been four in a row, unfortunately we will never know. I say as long as we are winning, we have no problems, and whatever differences we may have, we can and will solve them. San Fran is on a course to set a franchise record but not the good kind, most losses in a single season. Should there be any good in that, you will end up with a high draft pick next season, but whose playing for next season, “you may not be around”.

Colin Kaepernick a modern day hero in some eyes because of his off the field stance, or kneeling for his beliefs, displayed on certain plays his on field athleticism that made him an outstanding dual threat quarterback, but he couldn’t put together anything significant. On one play he dropped back for a pass the pocket broke down he squirted forwarded and roll right running for his life, but he had his wits about him with his head up. the defense committed toward him, he threw back across his body for a completion that made the crowd inhale.

Vic Beasley the NFL leader in sacks had to go in race car mode to chase him out of bounds to get his 14th sack of the season. Beasley was in hot pursuit and Kaepernick was video game like escape mode, the play probably won’t hit the highlight reels but it was a display athletic prowess at its best.



Colin Kaepernick On how injuries have affected their play:
“It’s a difficult situation, two weeks in a row we’ve had a center, a receiver, and a tight end go down so players have had to step up. A lot of players have to move around, someone like Zane Beadles who played three different positions in three weeks for us. It’s great to have a player like that who’s flexible and can move around like that, especially his first year in the offense. So we have to have players that are able to do that, able to move around and make plays for us and be able to accommodate the situation.”

This makes two consecutive weeks of forty plus points for the Falcons high octane offense bringing that total to eighty three. Before you put on your celebration hats consider their opponents the Los Angeles Rams who appears to have franchise issues from top to bottom with former NFL Great and Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson calling for head coach Jeff Fishers head on a platter. After the ugly loss last week he got his wish. The Rams couldn’t afford a civil war with the face of the organization, so they gave Fisher his walking papers. These were the Forty Niner’s a team that has the worst defense in the NFL and a 1-12 record to match.

Coach Quinn on how pleasing it is that they came out and played at their standard without paying attention to the 49ers record:
“I think when you get into December football, you better do that and knowing that every time that you get a chance to go battle you have your intent and game right. Our preparation for this game began way back early in the week. Our emphasis on improvement showed. We thought we’d have some looks in the run game and for us that was an important part of this game. We thought that would be the case. It was good to see our offensive line and our run game take control which they did today.”

However take nothing from the Falcons they had to play the games and execute to win them. Sometimes it’s easy to play down to the level of competition, they didn’t and they won 41-13. They dominated the way they were supposed to, sometimes that’s a task in itself.


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