Clemson Tigers

Clemson Simply Dominant

Trevor Lawerence out duel Kelly Bryant, he led five scoring drives, and Bryant put together three. Both were impressive Bryant the starter picked up where he left off last season. However, when we talk Clemson, it’s about the defense more particular the defensive line that features perhaps four #1 draft picks. If all are not first rounders, they are definitely NFL Caliber. If you ask the Paladins, they would probably say they are All-Pro surely they haven’t seen anything like that. They held them to 36 yards rushing and only 153 total yards it was total domination. Clemson had 10 tackles for loss, of course, the starters didn’t play the entire game it was wrapped up early. The future stars got a lot of playing time and were more superior.

Furman finally got on the scoreboard with a 16-yard touchdown pass from Darren Grainger to Ryan Deluca to make the score 48-7 with about a minute remaining on the clock. Clemson escaped the game with no major injuries and Furman went home with a big check.


All Photos by: Drew Dinwiddie


Photo by Drew Dinwiddie
photo By Drew Dinwiddie
Photo by Drew Dinwiddie
Photo by Drew Dinwiddie
Photo by Drew Dinwiddie
Photo by Drew Dinwiddie

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