Chris “Block” Gordon calls Jonathan “JJ DaBoss” Day a Coward


Chris “Block” Gordon is not a fan of Jonathan “JJ DaBoss” Day, who is the race master of the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws: Fastest in America that took place this past summer. During the show’s filming in Casper, Wyoming, Gordon was attacked and sucker-punched by JJ DaBoss, he alleged.

Gordon claims that JJ DaBoss did not like what he said. He either said, ‘B*tch, your motor in the back of your truck,’ or ‘your motor in the back of your truck, b*tch’

He said that resulted in a punch to the face.

“That is when JJ hit me,” Gordon said in a Facebook Live Stream. “But guess what? I didn’t fall. People were talking on the set, and they said, ‘Boy Block, you were getting the best of them. But that’s neither here nor there. JJ sucker punched me. Why did JJ sucker punch me? They had no problems when that boy (Richard Occhino) punched the other boy (Chris Varni). It makes him (JJ DaBoss) look like a coward. It makes him look like a nutless hack, because he didn’t fight me straight on. He suckered punch me.

“That’s not the bad part. When he suckered punch me, I didn’t go down. I start swinging. The next thing I know I’m on the ground. Doughboy (JJ DaBoss’ son) had tackled me from the back. Then, the girls — I don’t know which one did what — the girls were kicking me in the face. So, when you saw the black eyes, that did not come from JJ. JJ did not give me the black eyes. I was jumped 5-1. JJ did not do nothing. This motherf**ker could not slap mayonnaise on bread.”

Block claims that he attempted to sue JJ DaBoss. However, due to his contract with Pilgrim Studios, which tapes the show for the Discovery Channel, he was not able to pursue legal action.

Block knows by making this message on social media to the world that he may not be able to go back on to the hit TV series. He was on Street Outlaws: Fastest in America the first two seasons of the show.

In addition, Block also appeared on the Street Outlaws Memphis show.

With the sucker punch, Block wants to get some revenge against the race master. He wants to go into the ring with JJ DaBoss in a boxing match.

“I’m calling you out boy,” he said. “I want you 12 rounds. I want you in the ring in a boxing match with boxing gloves with a referee. I want you and the reason why I want you is because you can’t lie. You can’t lie and you can’t take this a**-cutting I’m going to put on you. Discovery and Pilgrim cannot save you from this a**-cutting I’m going to put on you. I don’t want to hear that you’re too busy, because I’m not talking about doing it tomorrow. We can do it July 4th weekend. That would give you enough time to get your schedule together.

“If you’re the man that you say you are nationally and internationally, the fight will be live. If it has to be pay-per-view, it’ll be pay-per-view. There’s no editing of this. Ain’t nobody going to write a story and make it seem the way they want it to seem. We’re going to step into the ring man to man. Let’s see if those lies you say when you set me straight to see if you can set me straight without your people jumping me, because you ain’t never fought nobody one on one.”

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