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Kirby Smart

Preview SEC Showdown for the CFP National Championship

SEC vs. SEC for the CFP National Championship featuring the Coaching GURU Nick Saban of Alabama vs. the Pupil Kirby Smart, former Defensive Coordinator (8 years). He is the SEC Coach of the Year and head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Does that make this a BAMA on BAMA match up? He has seen the blueprint. They have been in the Fox Hole together. They both wear red.

Saban Lamented when Smart got the job at Georgia “Kirby is loyal and is one of the best assistants I ever had.” He did not abandon the program when he got his opportunity. He has done an amazing job at his Alma Mater. In two seasons they are playing for the National Championship. Pageantry and drama to the front it is Pupil vs. Teacher, Friends are Foes when the whistle blows, oh what a game it is going to be in SEC Country.

The game is a strength on strength matchup, featuring two of the best backs in college football, lighting 1 and lightning 2, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. Both are lethal, either can go the distance on one missed assignment and change the outcome of the game. They will be running into the BEAST of a Defensive Line full of future NFL Stars. Should one of them gain one hundred yards, not on one long run, the Dawgs win if not the Dynasty continues in BAMA? That’s what the identity of both teams indicates.


Nick Chubb
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When it comes to Georgia, shut down the run like Auburn limiting them to a total of 48 yards, QB Jake Fromm the SEC Freshman of the year cannot beat you through the air. Bama beware he is due to have a break out performance no better stage than the National Championship. Should that happen, throw my prediction in the garbage can?

Speaking of the Nick Saban Coached Alabama Dynasty:

Five National Championships 2003, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015. They lost to Clemson in 2017. Alternatively, did their former controversial offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin who took the head coaching job at Florida Atlantic give it away? Recall, he was relieved of his duties and sent packing for his eccentric behaviors that were perceived to be detrimental to the team. In my opinion, the one relationship that’s not interchangeable on the biggest stage of a freshman quarterbacks life is between him and his offensive coordinator. They have to be like peanut butter and jelly, in this case, the bread was missing. A new voice in your ear is just enough to throw off the taste.


No shade intended for the Clemson Tigers they had nothing to do with that, this is the ultimate team sport, and that mess became a part of their team. Clemson won the title and deserved it. But I am just saying.


The result is similar to the UCF Knights, the nations’ only undefeated team that didn’t get invited to the party, so we will never know if they could have won the CFP National Championship. Then you have to throw In the team they beat in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl, Auburn. All they did was beat the #1 team in the country twice which acrimoniously are both Georgia and Alabama the teams playing for the CFP National Championship. If that does not make you #1 what does?  Well, they did it too early that was the regular season, not the playoffs. Ladies and Gentleman that is SEC Football, the best conference in College Football.

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Should Alabama win, they have three teams that could conceivably argue they should be the best team in the land? The result would be as follows Auburn beat #1 Georgia to knock them off the throne which gave Alabama the #1 ranking, Auburn beat Bama to win the SEC West but lost to Georgia in the rematch for the SEC Championship. UCF is throwing their own National Championship seeking enough credibility for the American Athletic Conference to become a part of the Power Five Conferences essentially changing the term to Power Six to allow their teams to be eligible for the College Football Playoffs. Should Alabama win, the controversy will continue my prediction they will win 28-14 with Georgia getting an extra touchdown in garbage time?


Georgia is coming off it is personal championship performance where it took absolutely everything they had to win the Rose Bowl 54-48 against Oklahoma with the short turnaround, emotionally it is just too much to overcome. They would have to play two once in a lifetime games in back to back weeks. Meanwhile, Alabama handled Clemson in their revenge match 24-6 by limiting them to a total of 188 yards most importantly at a total of 64 yards rushing. Ouch, Georgia will need to gain 200 yards rushing remember they gave up 206 rushing yards to Rodney Anderson on 26 carries in the Rose Bowl. Somehow that hole has to be plugged with some crazy glue if not the weight of the Bama Backs are going cause that boat to sink.

The trio of Bo Scarbrough, Damien Harris, and Jalen Hurts combined for 146 yards against Clemson. Okay the numbers are not gawking, Sony Michel ran for 181 yards against Oklahoma, but this was against Clemson the best Defensive Line in the Country.


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