“Boomin” Headache Caused by Antonio Brown in Oakland Might Finally be OVER

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“Boomin” Headache Caused by Antonio Brown in Oakland Might Finally be OVER

The Raiders are a joke. Knock on wood if you’re with me.

We’re just days removed from the final episode of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks that chronicled the Raiders final offseason in Oakland with head coach Jon Gruden and his t-shirt ready sayings. With all the drama surrounding the team, the show has fairly been critiqued as a snooze fest since most feel all the “juicy stuff” was cut out of the show. It’s no real surprise however that after last year’s collapse of the Browns coaching staff following their appearance on the show, the Raiders with a new GM and new-ish head coach would look to avoid drama.

Insert Antonio Brown.

The diva wide receiver has dealt with a menu of issues this past offseason whether it was his feet or his helmet, but his latest saga might truly be the nail in the coffin for his time with the Raiders.

Antonio Brown did the unimaginable earlier this week and posted a photo to his Instagram story of a letter from GM Mike Mayock that notified Brown would be fined a grand total of $53, 950 for missing a training camp session and separately a walk through before the Packers pre-season game. What’s wild about the missed walkthrough is the team was in Canada. No feet issues, no helmet issues, just Antonio issues.

Interestingly enough at the bottom of the letter (that we would not have if not for Brown) Mayock adds

“Please be advised that should you continue to miss mandatory team activities, including practices and games, the Raiders reserve the right to impose additional remedies available under the Club’s Discipline Schedule, the CBA and your NFL Player Contract, including, but not limited to, additional fines and discipline for engaging in Conduct Detrimental to the Club.”

That last part about conduct detrimental to the club is now being put into effect because, oh yes, Brown decided to attempt to fight GM Mike Mayock on Wednesday…

Brown may have finally picked a fight with the wrong person. Literally.

If the Raiders do in fact suspend Brown for conduct detrimental to the club it means, according to the contract Brown signed, they don’t have to pay him his guaranteed money of $30 million. They could suspend him then subsequently release him and thus the days of Antonio Brown in Oakland would be over. The Raiders would owe Brown nothing and most likely go after his $1 million signing bonus.

Now some might ask, “Why get rid of one of the top wide receivers in the league?”

Ask Pittsburgh. In that city, Brown fought with teammates, live-streamed a private post-game locker room talk by his head coach, and oh that’s right skipped practice at a pivotal point of the Steelers season last year.

No one man is above the team. If you only examine this off-season alone, it’s enough to move on from Brown. The wide receiver acted in a selfish manner time and time again. The helmet issue might be the most infuriating of them all because Brown knew it was coming and instead acted like a child attempting to sneak his old one back on the field.

God Bless Drew Rosenhaus, Brown’s agent, who has had to put up with such a talented client attempt to obliterate his career. Rosenhaus has joined multiple shows in the past weeks defending Brown, but this time there’s no defense. 

Antonio Brown loves a catchphrase just as much as his current head coach. The one Brown uses constantly is “Business is boomin’.” Sadly, right now business is not booming for the star wide receiver about to lose $30 million. The only thing boomin’ is the headache Brown has caused his agent, the league, and fans who just want to see him play.

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