ATL UNITED Gets Revenge on New England for the Falcons 7-0

Fresh off a thrilling 3-0 victory where they compiled a season high 12 shots on target in the first ever match held at the newly decked our palace Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta United 12-8-6 took on the New England Revolution 10-13-5 before a crowd of 42,511.

The game started as a nightmare for Cody Cropper the New England Revolution goalie. Josef Martinez in open field with no defenders to protect is caused to be alarmed. He was exposed and vulnerable to the right foot left foot shuffle followed by a direct kick from an acute angle to the back of the net for his 11th point of the season at the two-minute mark of the game, Miguel Almiron was credited with the assist. Cropper dove to prevent the score but the speeding bullet was moving too fast. He scored again on a kick directly down the middle of the field in the 31st minute the ball went right by Croppers out stretched hand to be cradled by the net giving them a two point lead 2-0. His third attempt came at the 35th minute, but Cropper was in a fight for his life protecting the net in an awesome defensive stand.



Antonio Delamea got a little aggressive causing the referee to pull his second red card reducing the Revolution in eligible f players to nine for the rest of the game.  Immediately out of the penalty brake guess who scored Josef again for his third point of the game in the 39th minute to make the score 3-0. He is simply a designated scoring machine leading Atlanta United with 12 points on the season. He has missed thirteen games due to injury. Imagine the points if he could stay healthy. He plays the game with so much energy and passion all out is the only level he understands.

Josef Martnez on if this was the best the team has played all season: I think we’re doing things well. Obviously, today’s game got a little complicated with them going down two players, but I think we’re playing really well at home. We are making it hard for teams to play here and we need to continue on this path, and we’re going to do important things. Anton Walkes wanted in on the fun he kicked one in from the corner of the net at the 45th minute before falling to his knees giving the Five Stripes a 4-0 lead. Greg Garza assisted him.

During the intermission, I was reminded of another game in which we won’t speak of in detail where Atlanta had a large lead over their opponents from New England. The soccer team made a couple of attempts to score, but Brad Guzan responded to keep the sheet clean. No Tom Brady was not in the house. With New England playing handicapped nine on eleven there wasn’t much they could do to stop Atlanta United from dominating the match. Due to a team penalty, Kevin Krartz scored on a free kick right over the head of the defensive wall at the 70 minute to make the score 5-0. Shortly after that Yamil Asad scored on a long kick from the left side in the 73rd minute. The ball just went for a dove like glide right into the net beyond an out stretched goalie Cody Cropper for their sixth point 6-0. He had a tough night defending an onslaught of stripes on a mission.

The last ten minutes of the match were simply about coasting to victory securing their second straight victory in four days. Tito Villalba finished the scoring at the 90th-minute mark on a little tap in from in front of the left side of the net. 7-0 Even though they tied the all time winning margin in MLS History Coach Martinez was impressed by the win but wanted to keep things in perspective. On tonight’s performance against New England in comparison to performance against Dallas: “It’s different. The other day, we played 11 on 11. Today, after the second goal, we played against a team of 10 players and after the third goal a team with 9 players I don’t think it’s fair to make an analysis of that.”

Atlanta started the game in sixth place in the Eastern Conference with six more home games they are setting the stage for a playoff run as an expansion team.

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