Activate “Anybody but the Saints” Mode

Vic Beasley sacks Drew Brees

Falcons Fans Need to Activate “Anybody but the Saints” Mode

NEW ORLEANS— As of the late, the Atlanta Falcons have been weak minded and weak on the field. They play as if they do not care whether they win or lose. It’s disappointing.

In contrast, the New Orleans Saints have on-field chemistry, play with efficiency and refuse to play down to their opponent.

This is why they beat down the Falcons 31-17 on Thanksgiving night, with a national audience.

Alvin Kamara leads the New Orleans Saints to win over the Falcons
Alvin Kamara caps off a spectacular run by reaching for the foal line (photo by Greg  Collier

Quite honestly, the Saints look like a championship team. But there’s just one issue…this year’s championship game is in Atlanta. Falcons fans need to pray, perform rituals, cast spells, or whatever else is necessary to turn the football gods’ hearts away from New Orleans.

Just imagine this scene: The Saints are representing the NFC in Super Bowl 53. One of the end zones in Mercedes-Benz Stadium is painted black and gold. They’ve just defeated the AFC representative to capture their second world championship in 10 years. Now they’re on a stage positioned at midfield and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

If you’re a Falcons fan, you just puked a little in your mouth. I can’t blame you, because that’s a nightmare of a scenario. However, it looks more like a reality every single week, especially with New Orleans sitting pretty at the top of the NFC. And with the Falcons stuck with a 4-7 record, they won’t make the playoffs, rendering them unable to knock out the Saints.

So, who can beat the Saints? Tampa Bay is the only team that’s done it in 2018, and they are below the Falcons in the division standings, so count them out as playoff contenders too. Looking outside of the NFC South, the Los Angeles Rams have the firepower to keep up with New Orleans, but the Saints beat them two weeks ago. Perhaps a rematch in California will produce a different result.

That leads us to the Chicago Bears. They are a top-five defense in yards per game (314.4) and points per game (19.5). They carried backup quarterback Chase Daniel to a victory over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, scoring a game-winning touchdown off an interception. They don’t have to keep pace with the New Orleans’ offense, because they can hold Drew Brees and co. to a low score.

If it comes down to the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots (they’ll probably make it, right?) can beat anybody.

So that’s a solid three teams that Falcons fans can pull for if/when they face the Saints because the Falcons sure aren’t worth the emotional investment and support this year.


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